It’s always exciting when two people decide to get married and choosing where to be married is an important decision to take.  We are always delighted when a couple enquire about getting married at St James’ Church or Holy Trinity Church and it is a joy and privilege to be able to help them plan for this very special day, which marks the beginning of this new and exciting phase of their relationship.

Preparing to get married involves spiritual, legal and practical issues and the Church is here to help in these matters.

In the Parish of Whaley Bridge, we want to offer couples who have a special connection with Whaley Bridge a traditional wedding in one of our lovely church. (St James’ is the more traditional village church and has bells, which are usually rung at weddings.)

There are many ways couples can legally marry here. These are:

  • Living in the parish;
  • Being on the electoral roll of the Parish of Whaley Bridge*
  • Bing able to demonstrate a ‘qualifying connection’.

(Establishing a ‘qualifying connection’ is usually quite easy. The Church of England website - - offers helpful guidance about what the law means by this term and gives lots of other helpful advice too.)

Even if you have been married before and your previous partner is still alive, this is not necessarily an insurmountable barrier.

*The electoral roll is our membership list, made up of those who worship here regularly. People can join the electoral roll once they have attended church services at St James’ and/ or Holy Trinity regularly for six months, and if they intend to continue doing so.

How to apply to get married

  • Ring or e-mail the Revd Margaret to plan a time to meet, to fill in the legal forms and start getting to know one another.

  • If the Parish of Whaley Bridge isn’t your home parish, you will need to organise the reading of the banns of marriage in your home Church of England parish church(es) and let Revd Margaret have the certificate, so that the wedding can take place. Don’t worry – you’ll be guided through this process nearer the time but have a look at for further details.
  • Nearer the date of your wedding, the priest taking the service will meet with you again to talk about the wedding ceremony in more detail.
  • A few days before the wedding, we have a rehearsal, at which we walk through the service with your best man, bridesmaids, ushers and parents.  This is to help you feel comfortable with the arrangements.

Service of Blessing and Renewal of Marriage Vows

If you are interested in having a Service of Blessing after a civil marriage or would like a Renewal of Marriage Vows please contact the Revd Margaret. She recently said prayers of thanksgiving with a couple who’d been married for 70 years.